How We Work

La-Tex Associates offers to perform for the Client Company field services in connection with the construction of their proposed pipeline and related appurtenances. For this purpose, our Company shall assign competent personnel in such number and classification as requested by the Client. The Client shall have the right during the progress of the work to review the need for personnel inclusive of any additions, reductions, or replacement of our forces. We maintain that we can obtain a sufficient number of experienced and competent personnel to meet the Client’s requirements in any regard.

We recruit personnel in the same manner as construction contractors and have a large number of resumes on file. Most of our inspectors have worked for or with us over the past years; therefore, we are acquainted with their stable work history. However, we do receive and welcome resumes from new inspectors on a daily basis. Upon initial receipt of these resumes, we carefully review each one in order to classify them according to ability, qualifications and experience. Additionally, we conduct an extensive interview in order to closely compare an individual’s experience with any Client Company’s project requirements. We do encourage our Clients to interview a prospective Inspector to ensure that we have selected the most suitable candidate.

We also verify references closely. Since most of our inspectors have worked together at one time, we are able to cross-reference their work ability with our other qualified inspectors. We thoroughly investigate backgrounds on all inspectors, ensuring each inspector has experience in his/her specialty along with actual “hands-on” experience.

Our personnel can work independently on a turnkey basis or under the direction of the Client Company to ensure that every phase of each operation is visually inspected and the quality of work performed and documentation in accordance with Client Company specifications and requirements.

Aside from supplying qualified personnel, we believe our greatest concern is safety. Even though most oil and gas companies have their own extensive Safety Plan, which must be adhered to by our inspectors while on location, we have composed a plan that addresses most potential hazardous situations within the oil and gas industry. Prior to employment with our company, each inspector is provided with a copy of the Safety Policy and acknowledgement form stating that they have in fact read and are familiar with the information within the policy.

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